It’s so tough to write what you actually feel and believe… but yes, I am trying to put across a few of my thoughts. I had always been happy for what I had and what I got in life… Because it made me more responsible… a good human being with each learning & challenge in life. It always helped me to be empathetic to each one who shared a chapter in my life… I am proud that I could be myself…

But, I have come to a realization that it’s not easy to fight with the hypocrites surrounding you in each stage of life. 

People love to hear what they want to… But will never accept anything which is against. It’s human psychology… And we are brought up like this…

You can make people look ugly… But not yourself!

You can make people look wrong… But not yourself!

You can make all effort to make your word right… But not Action!

You can make everything turn good for you… But not yourself!

Reason is you are not honest to yourself… You are a Hypocrite, Dealing with a hypocrite!

Change please… Because at least it is required to be You!  If not for others… Change for Yourself. For you are Human … A gift to cherish… A gift to make people happy… A gift to make life easy for the surrounding & loved ones… a gift to Yourself !!

I know it’s not easy… But it’s not tough either… Life is too short… Be You! 

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