Simplicity :)

I was always fascinated with the word – Simplicity.
Sounds so Beautiful… Mesmerising… Elegant… Soft… Full of Heart… Attractive… 
Had grown with the fragrance of Simplicity… always being simple… always liking simple things… always praising nature… liking simple relationship… always fascinated about Love… Care & being independent…

Life moves on & so do we. As simple as life can be or tend to be!

Why it is so tough to be simple?

Because, Life is simpler than we assume. Rather the world or society we live in, feels & believe that we are not the type they would connect with… or as they Like!

But that’s fine isn’t it ?

Living Life Simple… With our own terms and conditions… with our own set of beliefs… with our own self… isn’t it Amazing !!
Think about it. The answer is very simple !
If we do what we want, life will be beautiful as we create it. Our People and loved ones will be happy because we are happy.

Making small adjustments can get some smile to your partner… Let’s do it Simply!
Making yummy food can attract happy faces at the dining table… Let’s do it Simply!
Playing with kids in your busy schedule can get excitement in the home environment… Let’s do it Simply!
Chasing your dream and speaking about it to your mind box, makes you feel great… Let’s do it Simply! So many things we can just do it Simply and feel good about it.

Simplicity is all about being True to yourself :)
Let’s Chase Simplicity !!

Cheers Life !

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