I am beautiful… I am a woman!!

I am a Daughter… Loved by my Father
I am like a Flower… Pampered by my Mother
I am a Sister… Loved by my Brother
I am Reliable… Loved by my Friends
I am a Wife… Loved by my Husband
I am a Mother… Loved by my Child
I am a Homemaker… Respected by the Universe
I am a Working Woman… Respected by the World

I am Strong…
because my Family taught me to stand for Self

I am Emotional…
because my Relationship taught me to be

I am Empathetic…
because my Crisis/ Challenges taught me

I am Love…
because I carry the passion of living each moment of life

I am Mother Nature…
because I absorb so much in me to give smile

Who I am is because of what I wanted to be!!
What I want is, being Independent and charming to live my life…
With all the –
Good and Bad in me…
Beautiful and Ugly in me…
Perfection and Flaws in me!!

And all that I have is Cherished every moment of my life and enjoyed within

I am because of my People… my Loved ones and
My own willingness to compete to be the Best and Adorable Self.

Although I love being Independent… I love being Strong…
I love being a Decision maker… I love being a Confident Woman…
I love doing multitasking… I love being a dreamer…
But Trust me –
I still await the Love, Care, Hugs & Pampering from my beloveds…
Because it makes me feel Special.

Woman is about Power but it is not worth if not respected by a

Be proud about who you are… because You Are a Beautiful Woman.

Thanks to the Adorable Relationships in Our Life… who make us feel Special

Cheers to Life and Woman in Me & within Us.

Celebrating the Passion, Courage & Beauty called Woman👑

️Happy Women’s Day 🎉🎊🎁🧡🥰


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